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Should You Stay At A Short-Term Vacation Rental?

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If you're planning a vacation, you might wonder if you should stay at a hostel, hotel, campsite, etc. One option many people forget to consider is a temporary vacation rental. They're similar to other home and apartment rentals, but you can stay for a shorter duration for a vacation or any other trip. 

Many short-term vacation rentals will allow you to stay nightly, weekly, or monthly. They often have private yards, full kitchens, multiple bedrooms, etc. When you stay at one, you get many benefits of being at home while still enjoying being in a different location. 

You're Looking To Save Money

It's expensive to stay at a hotel for more than a few nights. Very few have discounts for extended stays, so you pay their nightly rate every night you stay there. Many short-term rentals will give you a discount the longer you stay, so you will pay less than you would at a hotel. 

You Want Extra Privacy

One major downside to staying at a hotel, hostel, campsite, etc. is the lack of privacy. You will likely be able to hear your neighbors—which means they can hear you too—and you'll have to share the common areas with everyone else. Many short-term vacation rentals are private residences, so you'll have much more space between you and your neighbors. 

You're Trying to Avoid Crowds

Most hotels are near the most popular tourist spots in whichever town you visit. It's nice being near the action, but you might prefer to avoid the crowds when you go to the store, coffee shop, etc. If you stay at a short-term vacation rental, you're more likely to find one away from the tourist spots.  

You Want More Space

Why are most sleep accommodation options on vacations much smaller than you want? Whether you stay at a hotel, cottage, hostel, campsite, etc., they give you limited space, and you feel cramped the whole time. If you stay at a short-term vacation rental, you can find a place with as much space as you need to be comfortable during your stay. 

You Don't Need Hotel Services

Some people want to stay at a hotel to enjoy its amenities and services. They may want complimentary breakfast, room service, cleaning services, access to the gym, etc. If you do not need any of these things, you would be much better off staying at a short-term vacation rental instead.

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