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5 Questions To Help Choose The Right Destination Wedding Date

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Once you have an idea where you want to hold your destination wedding, the next step will be choosing a date. Picking a date for any wedding can be a challenge, but the added time and money commitments of a destination wedding make it even more important. To help you choose the right time for your nuptials, here are five questions to answer. 

1. Is There One Special Date? 

First of all, is there any particular date that would be special to you? If you've always wanted to get married on your parents' anniversary or Valentine's Day, failure to do so might be an unrecoverable loss. So if there is a special date, be willing to make other adjustments to get it — things like not having certain guests, paying more, changing venues, or moving indoors. 

2. What Is the Natural Tourist Cycle?

Learn more about the target location to determine its natural tourism cycle. If you get married during peak season, you and your guests will likely experience higher prices and less availability — but the weather may be better. However, adjusting your nuptials to the 'shoulder' season just before or after the big tourist rush can be the perfect balance between cost and weather. 

3. How Do You Want It to Look?

How do you envision your wedding environment? Do you want lots of flowers or a deep autumnal look? Then the season is pivotal. Would you be frustrated if there were lots of people sharing your spaces? Then the high season may be out of the question. Is the wedding indoors or outside? Then weather may or may not be an issue. 

4. What Else Do Guests Want to Do?

One perk of a destination wedding is that you and your guests can go out and have great experiences before or afterward. So, what do you and they want to do with their time? Planning for ancillary activities could help you decide if the weather needs to be great for the family's perfect beach day, for instance, or if you should use the off-season to afford that premium spa. 

5. How Much Can Everyone Afford?

When you plan for a getaway wedding, you'll need to plan for the guests' budget along with your own. Talk with those you really want to be there and find out what their travel budgets can afford. If you or they may need to spend less, you could consider adjustments like a change in season or a shorter duration trip. 

As you move through these five questions, the right timing for your wedding will become clearer. No matter what factors lead you to the right decision, your destination wedding will be the start of a beautiful new chapter and the source of great memories for all your guests. 

For help with your destination wedding, contact a local wedding planner or venue.