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Quick! What's The Fastest Way To Gain Sales? Tricks (And Treats) To Motivate Your Representatives

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Sales are one of the hardest markets in which to make regular gains. You have dozens of employees all working for you, but because they are human, they are not going to bring their "A" game to work every day. If your company is currently in a slump, and you really want to rally your troops, here are some excellent sales incentive programs to get, and keep, them motivated.

Trips with Extra Paid Days Off

Working toward an all expenses paid vacation would motivate just about anyone. However, if you want your employees to use their accrued vacation days to take that vacation, many of them might just decide that the effort is not really worth it. If you also throw in a few extra paid days off so that they do not have to use all of their regular vacation days, then that becomes the icing on the cake for everyone. Before you get underway with this type of campaign, poll your employees to see where everyone would love most to go. Not everybody wants to go someplace hot and tropical, and since you want to motivate everyone, you have to pick a very popular destination.

Tickets to Sold-out Shows and Concerts

Remember when people used to be so desperate for concert tickets that they would wait on hold for an hour only to find out that the show was sold out fifty-seven minutes earlier? People still do that, except now they know a lot sooner when the show is sold out. For anyone in your office dying to see Hamilton or Lady Gaga, you can get tickets and backstage passes for the two top sellers in the office. Better yet, get them tickets and airfare to see a concert or show in a major city somewhere in the world and include the airfare to get them there!

Spa Packages

Sales jobs are even more stressful when the pressure is on to get a prize. You could make that prize a very relaxing spa package, which most people would agree is ideal for sales reps. Choose spa packages closer to home for a weekend getaway, or spa packages in exotic locations such as the Bahamas or Antigua. They packages can be a few days long, or a week, depending on how much you want to motivate your employees and how much you want your top sellers to make in sales.

Contact an incentive company, like Fab at Incentives, for more help.