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3 Things To Make Sure Are Included In Your VIP Disney Vacation Package

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It's the magic of seeing childhood characters brought to life. It is the thrill of experiencing new cultures all in one place. It is Disney and there are few vacation packages that can compare. If you want to take your Disney adventure to an even higher level of sheer enjoyment, make sure you talk to your travel agent about making it a VIP Disney trip. A VIP trip in any location means you get treated like a very important person the entire time you are visiting. But what does this mean when you are visiting the Magic Kingdom? There are a few things to make sure your agent included for a totally VIP experience. 

Trained Adventure Guides

If you have never been to Disney and the surrounding areas, whether it is Disneyland in California or Disney World in Florida, you will want someone familiar enough with the massive park systems and surrounding places. Adding a trained adventure guide to your VIP package will ensure you have a go-to person when you arrive who can help you get settled, point you wherever you want to go, and take you on tours if you choose. 

VIP Museum Access

Disney is known to be situated among some of the most sought-after museums and attractions in the area. The last thing you will want to do while you are there is spend any of your time wasted in lines, waiting to get in. With VIP museum access, you get straight into the best places around without having to wait. In some cases, your VIP traveler status will even grant you special opportunities at certain places, such as free access to mini exhibits that would otherwise cost you more money. Therefore, paying for the VIP treatment can be well worth it in the end. 

Junior VIP Treatment

If you will be traveling to Disney with your children, there will be no better way to highlight their experience than by opting for VIP treatment specifically catered to them. They will get the chance to do things like spend time with their favorite Disney characters, get special access to certain rides and behind-the-scenes attractions, and even get special treats along the way, such as ice cream or Disney-themed snacks, from the in-park vendors. Your little Mouseketeer will enjoy the special attention while at Disney and leave with a newfound love of the magic that the place provides.