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Exploring The Swamps Of Louisiana: Tips To Do It Right

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The swamps of lower Louisiana are a fascinating place. The ebb and tide of the waters throughout the year change the water channels in the swamps in unbelievable ways. Even the wildlife is different between the seasons. If you would like to explore these territories, you must never do it alone. It is too dangerous! However, airboat tours conducted by those who know these swamps well are the first step in the right direction. Here are a few other tips to keep you safe when you are enjoying a tour of Louisiana swamps.

Keep All Body Parts Inside the Airboat

Even though airboats can zoom and skim along the top of the water, there are still multiple dangers in these swamps. Alligators and giant catfish, as well as poisonous snakes that can swim, are just a few. Trailing a toe or a hand in the water may feel great, but the wildlife may mistake your hand or foot as bait, food, or a threat. Keep your whole body inside the boat.

The Airboat Makes Slower Movements for Picture Opportunities

If you want to take some spectacular wildlife photos, the airboat operator will look for places where it is safe to slow down and stop. These are golden opportunities to capture a picture of a wild hog taking a drink at the water's edge, or spotting the head and eye ridges of an alligator floating along the surface of the water. Capture your photos quickly so that the boat can move on.

Keep Long Hair Tied Up

This is tip meant mostly for the ladies, but if you are a guy with long hair, tie it up. Airboats have giant fan propellers that suck in air and push it out the back. Too many people have made the mistake of allowing their long hair to flow behind while riding an airboat, and then had their hair get caught. Additionally, long hair may get caught on a number of things in the swamp, or be the first thing an alligator spots and targets if you fall out of the boat. Braid it, bun it, do whatever you need to do with your long hair so that it stays put while the boat speeds along.

Try a Night Tour

The swamps really come alive at night, too. Nocturnal animals are fun to spot on a night tour. Just make sure you slather up with a lot of mosquito repellent before heading out.