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Educational Things to Do in a Mountainous Region

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Pairing a trip to a mountainous region with educational activities that teach your children about the natural features or cultural history of the land can be inspirational. Choose some things to do that will encourage you and your loved ones to work together while exploring the outdoors.

Bark Rubbings and Specimen Collections

Brochures that list outdoor activities that are family friendly may highlight the native tree and plant specimens that can be found within a park or a forested area that contains walking trails. Prior to the day that you and your family embarks on your travels, review the vegetation types that your destination is noted for.

Purchase a field guide that relates to the area being visited, to acquire photographs and descriptions of the tree and plant varieties. While enjoying a hike outdoors, point out various items to your children and help them prepare some bark rubbings. Collect leaves or flowers that can be pressed and preserved after exploring the region.

An Overnight Stay in the Wilderness

If you discover interesting information about the settlers who once lived in the area that you plan on visiting and you and your children have the opportunity to camp, pack gear that can be used during an overnight stay. Learn about the types of food that the settlers ate and the dwellings that they lived in.

Recreate a setting that is similar. While seated around a campfire or while preparing a meal for you and your loved ones, discuss the history of the land. Compare how your current living situation differs with how people lived many years ago. 

A Tour of Some Geographical Features

Participate in a guided tour that includes viewing some of the prominent geographical features in the area. HIdden waterfalls, interesting hiking trails, or natural monuments may be located nearby and a touring outfitter may provide the opportunity to enjoy some activities that are popular in the region.

Research resources that highlight things to do in the destination city and then book tickets through a touring company. A family daytrip may include visiting a particular region and being furnished with refreshments and gear that will be used during targeted activities. If your children are young and you would like to limit the amount of walking or hiking that is necessary to access a geographical feature, seek a tour that includes viewing features while seated on a tour bus or a shuttle.